Hints from Art Lawson

Before you blow a breaker:

Take a minute and see how many amps you could be using in your RV’s 30 or 50 AMP electrical systems. It is surprising how fast the amps add up which causes your breaker, or the Resorts breaker to “trip”; knowing the amps of all the electrical appliances in your RV can help you manage your electrical system. The list below is the typical appliance used and average amps required to operate them.

Air Conditioner = 15 – 17 amps

Refrigerator = 5.7 amps

Elect Water Heater = 12.5 amps

Microwave = 12.8 amps

Toaster = 10 amps

Electric Coffee Pot = 9 amps

Hair Dryer = 10 amps

TV = 2 amps

Hand Vacuum = 2 amps

Power Converter = 3 amps

Electric Frying Pan = 10 amps

Iron = 10 amps

It is also important to be sure your terminals are clean on your plug, this also pulls more electric and will cause the breaker to blow.


Art Lawson