Jim Bélanger

NH  Wheelers

Established 1972
A social camping group





     The NH Wheelers camp together each month between April and October.  The April campout is depending on the weather and weather in April is unpredictable, so that campout is to be determined.

    The Chapter meeting is held on Saturday, if possible, but depends on the weekend's activity schedule.

    We try to schedule our campouts for the third weekend of the month and, depending on the schedule, try to hold our meetings on Saturday mornings. The weekend of the campout may be changed by a vote at any Chapter meeting.

   Our last campout of the season is in October and is the NH Wheelers Oktoberfest. This event is held on the observed Columbus Day weekend which is not always the weekend including October 12, the actual Columbus Day. It is always held on the long weekend observed as the Holiday and is a four day, three night event. Chapter members have ample opportunity to sign up for this event ahead of time before admission is allowed from other Chapters and other campers. This event is presently limited to 50 rigs maximum but is subject to change for the annual event.

November to March

    The NH Wheelers meet at local restaurants for a meeting and meal during the winter months, November thru March. The meeting is usually held on the second Sunday of the month at 1 PM, but check the schedule for changes. Before the meeting, those that wish to order a meal should arrive early to order a meal, on your own, from the menu.

    These winter meetings have been held at different locations so the schedule needs to be checked right before the meeting to see if it has changed. Please check the schedule page for current locations.

    Our December meeting is our annual meeting. It is held at a location that is determined annually. Check the schedule page for location. The December meeting is our Christmas Party and Yankee Swap gift exchange.