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Officers 2021

Pres Spencer Stickney;  VP Armand Pinard
Treasurer Greg Thayer
Assistant Treasurer Linda Monahan
Wagon Master - Jennifer Bélanger
Secretary Jim Bélanger

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No meetings in January and November
Members need to make their own reservations with each campground.
27 Feb 2022: 
Auburn Tavern 11:30 AM
27 March 2022: 
To be determined.  Perhaps a Zoom meeting 8PM
24 April 2022 
Auburn Tavern 11:30
20 - 22 May 2022  To be Determined
Branch Brook, Tamworth or Meredith Woods
24-26 June 2022 Walnut Grove
599 Gore Rd, Alfred Maine
207-324-1207  info@walnutgrovecampground.net
29-31 July 2022   Lake Forest RV Resort
603-522-3306  East Wakefield NH.
Email - lakeforestresortinfo@gmail.com
Please call ahead and make reservations.
26-28 August 2022  Old Stage Campground
46 Old State Rd  Madbury, NH 
603-742-4050  $50/night
Email - info@oldstagecampground.com
Please call ahead and make reservations.

24-26 September 2021  Wadleigh Falls
16 Campground Rd, Lee NH  603-659-1751  $$Dump$$
$40/night no sewer - $49/night full hookup
Please call ahead and make reservations.

8-11 Oct 2021 Newfound RV Park
  792 Mayhew Turnpike
Bristol NH   603-744-3344   $47/night
Email - NewfoundRV@gmail.com
 Send $15/person to Greg for the catered meal before 1 Oct.
11th December 2021 Holiday Gathering place TBD
There are no meetings in November or January