Jim Bélanger

NH  Wheelers

Established 1972
A NH Chapter of the 
Good Sam Club





Membership Information

    Membership in the NH Wheelers Good Sam Chapter requires a valid membership in the National Good Sam Club. Any member of the Good Sam Club may apply for membership in the NH Wheelers Chapter. NH Wheelers has two types of membership; Regular and Honorary. In order to remain a Regular member, a member must attend four (4) of the twelve (12) chapter meetings in one calendar year. If a member is unable to fulfill that requirement, he/she may re-apply for membership the following year. A membership is considered to be one or two adults with a camping unit and includes any dependant children living with the adult members. Only adult members, in all membership categories, have a vote at Chapter meetings. 

Minimum Requirements: 
    A Regular member must also meet the four (4) meeting out of twelve (12) requirement for continued Regular membership. Exceptions are allowed by the Board of Directors. Should a Regular member find that they can no longer meet the minimum of four (4) meetings due to their lifestyle change, winter schedule or other considerations, they may apply for Honorary membership. Only Regular members are eligible for Honorary memberships. Honorary memberships will not be considered in the maximum membership number and thus will not limit the acceptance of new members into the Chapter.

    Dues for all membership categories are $10.00 per year and are to be paid prior to, or at,  the December meeting for the ensuing year. Members joining the Chapter in mid year must also pay $10 dues except that, those members joining during the months of October, November or December will be considered to have paid for the following full year. In addition to the annual dues, this Chapter of the NH Good Sams participates in a TAB program. This program urges members to collect the tabs from soft drink and other cans and to turn them in at the NH Samborees. These tabs are turned into cash for charities selected by the NH Good Sams. Presently, that charity is the Shriner's Burn Center.

    The Chapter usually meets on Saturday morning at 0930 during the monthly campouts which are usually on the second full weekend of each month from May to October. There are exceptions to this. For example, the April campout is scheduled for later in the month due to weather considerations. The October campout is on the long Columbus Day weekend. Winter meetings (November to March) are usually on the second Sunday of the month at various locations picked by members at a prior meeting. All meetings have a 50/50 raffle after the close of the meeting.

December Meeting:
    The December meeting is our last meeting of the year. It is also our annual Christmas party where we have a Yankee Gift Swap of gifts of not less than $10 in value. Members may bring in Christmas Tree ornaments to place on a table for exchange. Everyone bringing in an ornament may exchange it for one brought by someone else. December is also our election of officers for the next year.




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