Jim Bélanger

NH  Wheelers

Established 1972
A NH Chapter of the 
Good Sam Club






October 2018 - Newfound RV Park - Oktoberfest

                                                       Collage courtesy of our esteemed photo guru, Tom Geiss

The usual Campfire What, no chair in the fire?? Everyone warming up
Setting up for the Saturday Meeting Now, let's start that meeting! An attentive crowd, aye?
Hey, I can read this with these glasses! Jim B and brother Bill B Catered meal ready to be served
What's not to enjoy More meal partakers The Belangers, well almost
OK, what am I bid for this one?? OH, OH, OH, I just LOVE it! I just love to cook
Out Outdoor Kitchen at work Yes, Jennifer was there too! This hat allows me to show off my hair!