Jim Bélanger

NH  Wheelers

Established 1972
A NH Chapter of the 
Good Sam Club






October 2017 - Newfound RV Park - Oktoberfest

                                                       Collage courtesy of our esteemed photo guru, Tom Geiss

The usual gathering for Happy Hour Waiting for the sun to come out Small attendance but a meeting nevertheless
Paying attention to election of officers No,   Three Years is ENOUGH! 2018 Officers
Items lining up for Brown Bag Auction I have to look!  Need clues to give out. Let's make a plan
Of course we want to play cards Let's get the fire going Armand ! Oh Joy, they put me in the smoke again.
I got it started.  Bring more wood! That's her grandson Ready for bed, just getting warmed up
The smoke is getting to me Pop Corn, the feast of angels Louie, Our Guest for the weekend.