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NH  Wheelers

Established 1972
A NH Chapter of the 
Good Sam Club



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December 2016,  Annual Meeting, Makris Lobster House, Loudon NH

Linda Spofford 2015 Linda Spofford 2016     Sure professor, pick the scratch ticket!
Kathy & Greg Thayer 2015 Kathy & Greg Thayer 2016 OH, my fuzzy wuzzy teddy
Gerry and Al Hunter, 2015 Gerry and Al Hunter, 2016 Can't get the darn thing open!
Sandy & Jim Belanger 2015 Sandy & Jim Belanger 2016 Perfect gift for the wine maker

Jane & Dennis Lortie 2015

Jane & Dennis Lortie 2016

Which doggie bag is mine?

   Janice Murray - Dave Bonneau 2015

   Dave Bonneau - Janice Murray 2016

This is heavy, hope it's gold!

     Diana Fortin - Armand Pinard 2015

     Armand Pinard - Diana Fortin 2016

     Hoping to get past the paperwork!