Jim Bélanger

NH  Wheelers

Established 1972
A social camping group






General Instructions for ALL Campouts


   All attendees at our monthly campouts should make their own reservations with the campground.  Check the schedule for weekend dates and location.  It is vital that our Wagon Master knows how many rigs (and the lengths) to expect at our campouts. 

Our Wagon Master will also let us know in advance if the campground allows us to bring firewood. We ask our members to contribute to the group fire.  Should we have a trail master step up to host a weekend, this individual will contact the group with plans and themes for the weekend.  We almost always have a potluck dinner on Saturday night and may also have a potluck breakfast on Sunday morning. 

    Due to our numbers and our desire to camp together, we are generally parked in a "Safari Field" which provides us with water and electric. Try to arrive with empty waste holding tanks. Always bring a pressure regulator and filter for your water line. Plan to be able to operate with minimum electric service; often a 20 amp service.  Also keep in mind that, if you want to camp together, you may want to plan on arriving together.


Page Updated   13 February, 2023